What Songs Are Right When Teaching Song Lessons To Children?

One of the best parts of teaching a child how to play the piano involves teaching that child how to play a variety of song lessons. Of course, it can be tough to try and teach a child how to play certain songs. A complex Vivaldi or Copland composition might be difficult for a child to play. Meanwhile, it’s probably not a good idea to teach kids how to play dark and extremely technical heavy metal songs on the piano.

Fortunately, there are plenty of good songs for you to teach a child to play. These can help children in many ways:

  • They can understand how the notes in a piano work.
  • They can use these songs to figure out how particular piano chords work.
  • These are not too complicated and should be a little easier for them to play with as a result.

Traditional Nursery Rhymes

Some of the first songs that children hear are classic nursery rhymes. These come with simple chords and not too many notes involved. Teaching a child to play Old Macdonald Had a Farm or the Itsy Bitsy Spider on piano is always a good way to start.

Five-Finger Songs

A five-finger song is one that can be played on a piano with just five fingers. These songs can help children learn how to coordinate their fingers as they are playing the piano. These are typically shorter in length but they can help children understand how their hands are to work while playing.
You may want to start out with songs that can be played with just two or three fingers at a time before moving to all five. Most songs that can be played with five fingers can be repurposed to where you only need a few to play them. Other fingers can be added as the child becomes familiar with how the instrument is to be played.

Simple Classical Songs

You can teach a child how to play classical music compositions on a piano. You might want to stick with easy options for a child to play with at the start. These songs can introduce a child to some of the more complicated parts of playing the piano. More importantly, they might be easier for a child to study.

Such simple classic songs for children to learn include options like these:

  • Bach’s Prelude to the Well Tempered Clavichord
  • Mozart’s Little Night Music First Movement
  • Chopin’s Prelude in E min, Opus 28, No 4

Beethoven’s Ode to Joy

Strauss’ Blue Danube

These are all great classical songs that are familiar to many and can be easy for a child to learn. These can especially be gateways to much more complicated or challenging songs.

Of course, you have the freedom to choose whatever songs you can teach to your child. No matter what you opt for, make sure you choose good songs for your song lessons to make it easier for a child to learn. By choosing the right songs, you can get a child to not only have an easier time with playing the piano but also more fun with doing so.

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